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1.2 Course Notes and Slide Set Organization

For a number of reasons, these course notes do not have a one-to-one correspondence with what we present at the SIGGRAPH course. There is just too much material to present in a one-day course (in fact, we have broken out a separate half day course from the same notes to cover the large amount of material on lighting and shading alone), but we want to provide you with as much material as possible. The organization of the course presentation is constrained by presentation and time restrictions, and isn't necessarily the optimal way to organize the material. As a result, the slides and the course notes go their separate ways, and unfortunately, it is impossible to track the presenter's lectures using these notes.

We've tried to make up for this by making the slide set available on our web site, described in Section 1.6. We intend to get an accurate copy of the course materials on the web site as early as possible prior to the presentation.

David Blythe